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Last Days of Old Earth’s 0.2.7 patch has been released!

While the developers are working hard on major updates for Last Days of Old Earth, they have released a patch containing many quality-of-life enhancements and bug fixes.

The battle for the frozen world is getting hot!



LDoOE 0.2.7 Changelog:

  • New on-tile display for AP / Move cost
  • Re-skinned Skirmish Overlay UI
  • Re-skinned Multiplayer host room UI
  • Fix for autosaves happening during enemy turn, resulting in hang on load
  • Fix for issue where hero card stays on screen after hero escape in between combats
  • Fix for hero escape hang on AI response
  • Fix for issue where Archivist / Repurposer triggers when played by opponent
  • Fix for issue where music would not resume on leaving combat
  • Fix for terrain buffs being applied to the wrong unit types
  • Fix for issue where an Army could be created in an exhausted structure
  • Fix for issues with army inspector info

Stay tuned – big news is coming soon!


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