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Last Days of Old Earth Air Update is here!

Last Days of Old Earth receives a new major update, the Air Update! Death now comes from above as players have the opportunity to dominate the skies of the frozen planet.

Decks can now be upgraded with new Aircraft Units with specific abilities such as Airstrike, Air Recon and Anti-Air adding a completely new layer of strategy to the game. Strike at the heart of your opponent's forces from the air, softening up their armies or send out aircraft to scout and investigate unexplored areas of the map, quickly revealing the enemy's plans.

Structures themselves can host new specific facilities for keeping enemy air units at bay. Skywatchers can count on Anti-Air ability for fortify their defences and shoot down hostiles. On the other side Automata has the Pulse Shielding technology that sum the Defence of Automata Units within the structure it resides, both during Airstrikes and normal combat.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and the Air update is the third of four planned major updates following the game's initial launch, so stay tuned for more news.


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