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The Deck Building Update is out now!

The struggle for survival on the freezing planet is about to get fierce! Last Days of Old Earth receives its first major update with the addition of the Deck Building feature!

Now you will have the chance to build your own decks and customize your armies around your favourite heroes and units, to fight both against the AI and other human players.

This incredibly flexible system allows you to create and store your own decks.  You can also import decks from the application available on this site.

deck build

The game is currently in early access and the Deck Building update is just the first of four major updates following the launch.

This major update comes with many bugfixes and tweaks, further polishing your gaming experience.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Deckbuilder added
  • Custom deck selection for Skirmish & Multiplayer game modes
  • New 'Sudden Death' game mode, triggering a new Victory Condition based on territory under Supply
  • Two new cards! Clanship for Skywatchers and VN Walker for Automata!
  • Option to Tab through units that have not exhausted their movement
  • Fixes for various Card UI issues
  • Sprite changes for abilities
  • Fixes for issues around hero-only army engagement
  • Hang on engage overlay after engaging AI owned hero-only army (single player)
  • Various changes for Multiplayer Lobby UI
  • Movement AP cost display on tile displayed now removed after paying cost
  • No longer possible to start an empty skirmish by cancelling custom deck select for the first opponent





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